Rocky Mountain Dog Runner offers a range of services including dog running, walking or hiking to fulfill the needs of any pet, from an older dog who just needs a visit outside, to a young or large dog who could use a long run.

20 minute exercise – A 20 minute run walk or both depending on your dog’s needs.  Just enough to provide a break in the day, combat boredom, and provide a good exercise session.  $17

30 minute exercise – 30 minute walk, run or both depending on the needs and ability of your dog.  Perfect for most dogs.  $20

40 minute exercise – A 40 minute exercise session including running, walking or both depending on the need, speed and ability of your dog.  Perfect for the dog with lots of energy needing a good workout.  $25

60 minute exercise – A 60 minute outing for high energy dogs, those left for long hours or any dog who just loves being outside and moving.  $35

pet sitting visit – A 20 to 30 minute pet sitting visit includes food, water, any medications, love, treats and playtime.  A potty trip outside or a short walk is also included.  The visit will be designed by you in order to follow your pet’s routine and special requests are welcome. $17

*Add $5 to any of the above services for an additional dog*


Does your dog love adventure? We will travel within 30 minutes of home to find the perfect trail to explore to work off some energy and enjoy the outdoors.  I cannot wait to take your dog a hike – a perfect day for me and for him/her!

what you can expect

  • fresh water provided at all times
  • snacks
  • safe transportation to and from the hike in a carrier or restrained with a doggie seatbelt
  • dogs will be kept on leash at all times
  • first aid kit on hand
  • photos from their adventure
  • lots of love and FUN

what is required

  • vaccinations must be current
  • must be well behaved on a leash and respond to commands
  • must not be leash reactive
  • a desire to explore and move!

*please call if you’d like to see if your dog is a good candidate for a hike*

other information

  • limited availability
  • must be schedule at least a week in advance
  • weather permitting


90 minute hike – $60 (your dog will be gone a total of 2.5-3 hours with travel time)

2 hour hike – $70 (your dog will be gone a total of 3-4 hours)

additional dog (same household) $10