20 minute run – $17  |  30 minute run – $20  |  40 minute run – $25

Most dogs love to run when given the chance

Many dogs have a high energy level and would benefit from regular running. Some dogs have an excess of energy that may cause destructive behaviors, excessive barking and depression.  Lots of larger and younger dogs just need the extra energy outlet to thrive on a daily basis.  Anything from a leisurely jog to a fast paced longer run is available to make your dog happy.  We will spend the entire visit running and provide water and love upon return.



20 minute walk – $17  |  30 minute walk – $20  |  40 minute walk – $25

Everybody needs an outing!

Whether your dog would enjoy a leisurely walk around the block, or a longer outing to explore the neighborhood and local trails, we’ve got you covered.  A short walk can combat boredom and a longer fast paced walk will help keep your dog content and calm. We will spend the entire visit walking and provide water and love upon return.



20-30 minutes – $17

Some dogs would just enjoy a trip outside to potty, some fresh air and some midday attention.  We can do that too!  We will provide love, water, treats and food if requested.  A midday pet sitting visit lasts 20-30 minutes and will include time outside with for a potty break and playtime or a quick walk around the block.  We love to visit cats as well for feeding, attention and litter box detail.