Do you walk many dogs together?  Multiple dogs are only walked together if they come from the same household and can walked together safely

Do you let my dog meet other dogs and people while out walking?  All other dogs and people (especially children) will be avoided to the best of our ability

Can I request any time for service? We work within a two hour window of your requested time (i.e. if you request 12:00, we will be there between 11:00 and 1:00). A one hour window applies for puppies, seniors or dogs with conditions that require for a more specific time.

What about weather concerns? We will walk in all weather provided we can get there safely. In the case of extreme weather, our policies are outlined below:

In the case of extremely HOT weather, the dogs will not run, but will walk the full amount of time. The general rule is over 80     degrees, but will vary based on actual conditions and we will stop at the first sign of distress from your dog. For longer walks, we will carry water for the dogs

In the case of extremely COLD weather, walk times may vary and the remainder of the visit time will be spent indoors with your dog. No runs will take place when it is icy, but snow play time may be substituted. Each dog is different but I have found that most dogs really thrive in the snow and cold weather! Again, we will stop at the first sign of distress from your dog

In either case of hot or cold, it is up to your discretion to cancel based on your dogs needs and personality

Musher’s Secret may be used to protect your dogs paws in either weather extreme.

Who will walk my dog? You will be assigned a walker/runner from Rocky Mountain Dog Runner. Another walker may substitute in the case of time off or emergency. Every effort will be made to have your dog introduced to any walker who may be filling in

I see lots of pictures on social media, will my dog’s picture be showcased too? We love to take pictures of your pets and post them on our Facebook page and website. You will be asked to agree to this on the service contract

What is your cancellation policy?  Whenever possible, please provide 24 hour notice of any cancellations. Cancellations received by 9:00am the day of the service will not be charged. Cancellations after 9:00am will be charged 1/2 the regular rate. If your walker shows up to your house and then you cancel, a full charge will apply.

How does invoicing and payment work?  You will be invoiced at the end of every month or the end of service for pet sitting. There will be a $10 charge applied to invoices more than 30 days past due. Payment can be made online via credit card or bank transfer. You may also mail a check or pay us via bill pay through your bank.

Can I add walks with late notice? Every effort will be made to accommodate all requests for service. We can not guarantee availability for late/same day requests and a $5.00 late fee may apply.

Do you walk my dog on holidays?  We do not perform our regularly scheduled walks on major holidays: Christmas, New Years Day, Thanksgiving, Easter, Memorial Day and Labor Day. Any services requested on these days will be assessed a $5 holiday fee per service.