Why Running?

I get asked this question all the time.  Someone asks what I do and when I reply that I own a dog running company, the usual response is “a what?”  Most people have heard of a dog walking company and a dog running company is simply the same as dog walking, but insert running instead.  I truly believe a tired dog is a happy dog, which in turns creates a more relaxed and happy existence for ourselves.  Have you ever seen the look of pure joy when a dog is allowed to run?  Tongue lolling, ears flopping, trotting along?  That’s my goal, to bring that kind of happiness into a dog’s day and make the most out of their midday break from a sometimes empty house.  Sure, running is not for every dog, but I would bet it is for most.  The purpose of an exercise session is to give the dogs a break, some exercise and lots of love.  The perfect combination of walking, running and sniffing is offered to every dog to attain the highest level of joy and satisfaction.